Xara City

Xaraverse (Metaverse)

The Xaraverse is an always-on hyper-realistic digital world with fully Immersive 3D Virtual Experiences, coupled with a fully functioning shared economy, where visitors can shop, socialise, train for their jobs, play games, take classes, attend meetings, have cultural experiences and more…
The Xaraverse is poised to radically change how we work, play and connect.
We have partnered with a world class 3D VR/AR studio to develop the fully immersive Xaraverse (Metaverse) and all associated experiences and commercial applications.
VR Experiences (using 6,000 of the 12,000 Land Sites) 3,000 Land Sites have been reserved for Xara City Founders to develop virtual experiences and a further 3,000 reserved for commercial sales to develop in-game 3D virtual experiences where XARA can be spent. For Example:
  • Retail stores selling brands in VR with real-world fulfilment and deliveries of orders
  • Event and sporting venues generating ticket sales in XARA Educational platforms such as seminars, schools and Universities
  • 3D virtual games such as playing a round of golf, or driving a Formula 1 car, or
  • Entertainment such as Theme Parks, Casinos, Night clubs, Social clubs and many more. Holding a Xara City NFTs will allow discounted access into certain virtual experiences.
Xara City - Xaraverse Video