Xara City

VR NFT Upgrades

Next, your Key Tokens can be upgraded to VR NFTs with associated Virtual Reality Apartments. Each upgrade will attract a once-off cost.
20 upper-class virtual apartments and 2 home options are being designed by our Architects, together with our Virtual Reality Partners. Participants can chose 1 of 4 apartment type across each of the 6 zones or from 1 of 2 home types depending on the kind of Key Token the participant owns. For example, if the participant owns a Skyscraper Key Token, it can be upgraded to a Skyscraper - Junior, Deluxe, Executive or Presidential Suite
Options for upgrades across each zone include:
  • Junior Suite
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Executive Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Deluxe Home
  • Executive Home
Virtual Apartments are accessed via your VR NFT and allow owners or Tenants the opportunity to meet with friends and family from anywhere in the world in a fully immersive setting tailored to their own personal preference and imagination.
Once a Key Token is upgraded to a VR Apartment NFT, the owner can then either sell or, rent out the apartment and NFT via the Xara City Market Place and earn XARA as rent.