Xara City

NFT Staking

The Xara City staking platform allows NFT holders to lock-in their NFTs over a selected period of time (daily/weekly/monthly) to earn XARA as a reward. Staking is a key driving factor of the Xara City Ecosystem. Essentially the longer you stake your NFTs, the further the game evolves and the more XARA you get rewarded.
XARA Staking rewards are increased throughout the Play-To-Earn game (see 2.5) by using earned XARA or converting USD to XARA to then upgrade Key Tokens into VR Apartment NFTs to later rent out and earn additional XARA from potential tenants. Key Tokens are airdropped once off for each Land Site and Building combo that is staked for 90 Days consecutively. Key Tokens can be traded amongst participants via the Xara City Exchange tool.
175,000,000 XARA tokens have been reserved for distribution via the Play-To-Earn Staking Game and the Xarian Citizen DAO game. These XARA tokens are paid out in five staking tiers as follows:
  1. 1.
    Land Site NFT Staked (alone) 2 XARA per day
  2. 2.
    Building NFT staked (alone) 2.66 XARA per day
  3. 3.
    Combination of Land and Buildings staked together 6.16 XARA per day
  4. 4.
    VR NFTs (Dependent on Zone type) 5.65 to 11.30 XARA per day
  5. 5.
    Xarians NFT 3 XARA per day
The main objective of the game is to upgrade NFTs to Virtual Apartment NFTs by the time all 175,000,000 tokens are in circulation and before the staking reward ends. This will ensure the NFT owner can still make an income by renting out virtual apartments to potential tenants and earn XARA through a Metaverse real estate portfolio.
To view the Xara City staking platform click here