Xara City

Key Tokens

Key Tokens are airdropped to holders once off for Land Site and Building NFTs which are staked together for 90 days. Each building type has an associated number of Key Tokens written into the initial metadata of the Building NFT which is carried over throughout the game. The unit breakdown is as follows:
*Any Land Site NFT can be staked with any Building NFT to earn Key tokens.
Land Site #1567 staked with Skyscraper #3426 for 90 days will receive 100 x Key Tokens airdropped to the Holders wallet. Land Site #1567 and Skyscraper #3426 can no longer receive any Key Tokens once the 90 days staking and Airdrop have been completed.
Each of the 100 keys Tokens received for Land Site #1567 and Skyscraper #3426 can be converted into a VR NFT by using a Key Token together with a defined amount of XARA. Key Tokens afford holders the opportunity to build a Metaverse real estate portfolio which can be rented out to potential tenants and earn additional XARA for the VR NFT owner.
Alternatively key Tokens can be traded on the Xara City Exchange Tool or secondary markets such as Famous Fox. This essentially increases the value of the original Land Site and Building NFTs.
Furthermore Key tokens used for upgrades get burned and removed from the market, essentially decreasing supply and increasing demand in turn increasing value.